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Master Sergeant Anthony Ray Charles Yost, while assigned to Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha 381, FOB 51, Mosul, Iraq distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous conduct while engaged in combat operations against enemies of the United States during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.  In the early morning hours of 19 November 2005, while serving as the Detachment Operations Sergeant, MSG Yost was called into action to respond to distress calls from elements of the Iraqi Police Service and 2-1 Infantry, 172d Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) that were engaged in a furious battle with heavily armed insurgents in northeastern Mosul. 

 In a dense urban area against determined opposition, the Iraqi Police (IP) had suffered four KIA and many more wounded while the US infantry had already suffered 11 wounded, two of whom would later die of wounds. MSG Yost responded to their urgent calls for assistance by rapidly assembling his detachment and elements from the 2nd Iraqi Army Division that had been trained and advised by SFODA 381. After organizing this response force and moving to the objective area, MSG Yost was informed that US infantry had been engaged from multiple locations and were unable to secure and clear the house. Even rocket fire from US helicopters had been unable to dislodge this determined enemy force. 

Without regard for his own safety, MSG Yost volunteered to lead an assault to secure the house. He quickly assembled a group of Special Forces and IA soldiers, and led them into the target house where they were rapidly engaged by insurgents, both inside as well as outside of the house.  As the firefight raged, MSG Yost , accompanied by a squad of Iraqi Army Soldiers, fearlessly moved forward and entered the enemy stronghold.  Once inside the house, MSG Yost led his Iraqi Soldiers on a room to room search, once again with total disregard for his own safety, and eliminated the insurgents inside the house. As he was consolidating his force, an enormous explosion from a hidden demolition charge engulfed the house, instantly reducing most of it to rubble and fatally wounding MSG Yost and several of the Iraqi Soldiers accompanying him.  The corpses of seven insurgents were recovered from the rubble of the house as well as a cache containing explosives, mines, remote detonating devices, and a scoped rifle. 

MSG Yost died leading a group of Iraqi soldiers from the front, soldiers that he had trained. Rather than simply have the Iraqi Army unilaterally clear the house, MSG Yost voluntarily and audaciously led the assault element, going far above and beyond what was required of him as a combat advisor.  MSG Yost’s exceptional courage and leadership inspired the inexperienced Iraqi soldiers to follow him and assault a determined enemy that had already inflicted significant casualties on friendly forces, despite the immediate danger they faced.  His actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of military heroism and reflect distinct credit upon himself, the Command, Special Operations Command Central, and the United States Army.


A- Team Sergeant  

 Thank you MSG Anthony RC Yost for your Commitment, Dedication and Sacrifice to our Country.

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